Tuesday, 12 February 2013


I have a tendency to get nervous about the weirdest of things. Not the usual ones like standing in front of a crowd, talking to new people or confronting the principal after having done something wrong that get me neck-deep in anxiety.

It is things like receiving a gift or anticipating the arrival of the odd-sounding dish I ordered in a restaurant. The random common things which an average person would gracefully pull off are those that set me on edge. Just like writing this blog post currently is.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I compulsively have to make sure that everything I say is grammatically-correct, ever-so-slightly humourous, spontaneous and still shouldn't look like I am trying too hard. This means innumerable visits to the thesaurus website, looking up the meaning of words I already know to make sure I have used them correctly and so, so many deleted drafts stinking of mediocrity.

Fortunately enough, it's the good kind of nervousness I am experiencing. The kind when you know something great is about to happen. Like when I went for my first Zumba class. I remember telling myself, "Okay Hash, you are probably going to suck at this but just do it because it will be good for you." Similarly, I am repeatedly giving myself a pep talk saying that blogging will be good for me as writing is the only way I can freely express myself and all those pent-up feelings and not so pent-up opinions need to be vented out for the world to see.

Prevarication aside; I'm Hash, a teenage girl with lots of opinions and this is my blog debut. Nice to meet you.

P.S.: If you were looking for an introduction or bio, here it is; http://about.me/hashmita


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  2. I came across this blog and was happily surprised ! Why don't you write more often?